Yekaterinburg deputy that said "pedophiles are not maniacs" called deputies "highest authority"

Yekaterinburg deputy that said "pedophiles are not maniacs" called deputies "highest authority"
Deputy of Yekaterinburg City Duma Alexander Kolesnikov Photo:

Alexander Kolesnikov ordered the Head of the Accounting Chamber Andrey Parunin to immediately organize an inspection of Vodokanal municipal unitary enterprise.

The deputy of the City Duma of Yekaterinburg, Alexander Kolesnikov, who had previously become famous for saying that “pedophiles are not maniacs,” and crimes against children are committed when “under the influence,” called deputies “the highest authority,” informs This way Kolesnikov rationalized the need to immediately conduct an inspection of Vodokanal to the Head of the Accounting Chamber Andrey Parunin.

“The Chairman of the specialized commission tells you: it is necessary to check Vodokanal! I do not agree with you! What is wrong with you? There are deputies, the highest authority! We will not negotiate with you, I give you an instruction - check Vodokanal. Do everything on time,” stated Kolesnikov.

The deputy was dissatisfied with the fact that after the checks only two pumping stations and no violations were established on the books of the enterprise. Vodokanal is a strategic enterprise with billions in turnover, and declaring that only two pumping stations have been discovered there is probably bad manners,” Kolesnikov said. The Head of the Accounting Chamber, in turn, said that in 2013, there were many property violations in the work of Vodokanal, and now it is impossible to conduct an unscheduled inspection of the enterprise.

The deputy proposed to recognize the work of the Accounting Chamber as unsatisfactory, however, such actions are not provided for by the regulatory framework, and the audit report was accepted.

After the composition of the Yekaterinburg Duma was renewed, the leadership in Vodokanal has changed. In particular, deputy Alexander Karavayev became the First Deputy Director. The previous General Director of Vodokanal, Yevgeny Buzheninov, left his post this week.



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