Yekaterinburg: Debt collectors beat 11 year-old disabled boy

Yekaterinburg: Debt collectors beat 11 year-old disabled boy
Debt collectors beat an 11 year-old disabled boy in Yekaterinburg

The Ural Region police opened a criminal case against debt collectors who beat an 11 year-old school boy.

Three unknown people waited for the child near his apartment building and attacked him on his way from school, according to investigative agencies. The boy attends special school; he has developmental delay and suffers from epilepsy.

The boy’s mother said the debt collectors have gone after her family recently despite her not having outstanding debts. The collectors waited for her son near his apartment building and poured beer over him on the first day. They waited for him to leave school and followed him into his building section on the second day. The collectors then beat him in an elevator saying “we want you mother to repay the debt” in the process.

The woman claims she does not have outstanding debts. However, she has a twin-sister that borrowed from a bank to buy a car in 2011. She said her sister repaid the debt but failed to pay interests. The woman also said she does not understand why they suddenly went after the debt after all these years.

The police opened the criminal case against the attackers for “Extortion with Violence Committed by a Group of Persons by Previous Concert on a Large Scale.” The police is examining the boy’s mother credit history and what company the bank provided with information about the woman’s sister debt. As for the victim, the boy had to undergo medical examination to assess the sustained injuries.



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