Yekaterinburg: crowd beats man for suspecting him of being gay

Yekaterinburg: crowd beats man for suspecting him of being gay

A company of aggressive young men also injured passersby who tried to stand up for the beaten man.

A group of young people beat a man in the center of Yekaterinburg because he was suspected of being gay. At the same time, when passersby tried to stand up for him, they were also beaten. The attack occurred on Ploshchad 1905 Goda in the evening of September 9.

The victim, Ivan, said that he was returning from Vegan Fest with his friends when they saw 10-15 people insulting a man and blocking his way because of his sexual orientation.

“After that, the group run after him, and he tried to escape. The chase did not last long. They threw him onto the roadway of the square and began to beat and humiliate him,” an eyewitness recalled.

When Ivan and his friends tried to intercede, aggressive young people attacked them with fists; as a result, two of them were badly injured.

Many onlookers gathered around, but only one young man decided to come to the man’s rescue and was also injured. Several people required medical attention. A friend of Ivan was hospitalized with brain contusion, as well as numerous bruises, abrasions, and hematomas.

The victims have filed a complaint with the police. A check has been initiated into incident.



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