Yekaterinburg criminals caused massacre with shooting and exploding grenade

Yekaterinburg criminals caused massacre with shooting and exploding grenade
Anton Yantsev (Yan)

As a result of an armed conflict between the former prisoners by the nicknames The King and Yan, a local resident’s car was damaged. One of the offenders is placed on a wanted list.

Security forces detained 35-year-old Sverdlovsk recidivist Alexander (surname not disclosed), known in some circles by the nickname ‘The King’, who blew a hand grenade on the streets of Yekaterinburg.

The incident occurred last weekend, on February 24, in the neighborhood of Uralmash. Two been repeatedly convicted criminals, the local resident nicknamed The King and the 31-year-old Anton Yantsev (Yan) caused a real massacre on the Stakhanovskaya Street. Around 16.00, a conflict between the gaol-birds emerged at the entrance of the house №31. As a result of a fight, Yan shot, presumably an airgun, in the King’s face. The victim was injured in the cheek. After the shot, Yan ran from the entrance of the house and tried to flee. Then, the 35-year-old repeat offender, despite the serious injury, the caught up with his offender and threw a hand antipersonnel grenade RGD-5 after him.

As a result of a grenade explosion, the parked Chevrolet Lacetti, at the wheel of which there was a 40-year-old man, was damaged. The blast damaged the foreign car’s body, the wheel, and broke its glass. The man, as well as other residents of the area, miraculously, were not injured.

The MIA spokesman in the Sverdlovsk Region Valery Gorelykh said that Alexander, nicknamed The King had previously been repeatedly convicted of theft, a car theft, and drugs. During the interrogation, the detained confessed and explained that he had found the grenade and kept it "just to be on the safe side". However, the gaol-bird did not disclose the cause of the conflict between him and his offender. As a result of the injury, he now has difficulties talking. The police limited to the following wording: "the conflict emerged on the basis of personal hostile relations."

The rifleman Yan is still hiding from law enforcement. He was declared wanted. The police clarified that a certain woman was a direct participant of the events. She is currently detained and testifies.

On the fact of Hooliganism involving weapons (Art. 213 of the Criminal Code) and Illegal Arms Trafficking (Art. 222 of the Criminal Code), a criminal case was initiated. The investigation is under the personal control of the Yekaterinburg MIA management.



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