Yekaterinburg: attackers in VAZ-2114 open fire with paintball gun

Yekaterinburg: attackers in VAZ-2114 open fire with paintball gun

The injured people have extensive hematomas and abrasions.

At night, in Yekaterinburg, unknown persons fired at visitors and employees of the bar at 48 Sacco and Vanzetti Street with a paintball gun.

At three in the morning, 7 people stood at the entrance to the Red Ace bar. A white VAZ-2114 drove on the opposite lane. When the car stopped, several guns appeared from the window and opened fire on people. After that, the bartender grabbed the bat and tried to catch up with the attackers, but they fled. They managed to partially remember the license plate: С04 (8 or 9) **

The suffered have extensive hematomas from beats with balls of paint. Personal belongings and the facade of the building were damaged. Residents claim that the white VAZ-2114 this night fired on other people. But those, unlike visitors of the bar, have not yet contacted the police. Law enforcement officers promised to leave for a site inspection this morning – but they did not do that.

Employees of the bar suspect that they are being revenged by local residents for opening a noisy institution in a residential house.



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