Yashin testifies: Nemtsov received threats

Yashin testifies: Nemtsov received threats
Ilya Yashin

Ilya Yashin, the co-Chairman of the People's Freedom Party (Parnas) has stated that the opposition politician had really feared only Kadyrov.

In the last years of his life, politician Boris Nemtsov received threats on a regular basis. Ilya Yashin, Co-Chairman of the People's Freedom Party (Parnas) testified so during a court session examining the Nemtsov murder case.

“Nemtsov always was a subject to various threats; all of those were related to his professional and political activities. <>. The essence of the threats was: If you don’t stop your political activity, you might be simply killed,” – Yashin said.

According to RIA Novosti, Yashin told the court that Nemtsov had been addressing law enforcement authorities due to the threats.

According to the opposition politician, Nemtsov considered the leadership of Chechnya the main source of the potential threat. “Nemtsov had really feared only one person – Ramzan Kadyrov. He believed that representatives of this republic do not obey the Russian laws and can do whatever they want,” – Yashin said.

Boris Nemtsov was shot dead in Moscow on February 27, 2015. There are five defendants in the murder case, including Zaur Dadaev, a former officer of Sever (North) Chechen Battalion and suspected primary crime committer.

Hearings of the Nemtsov murder case have started in the Moscow District Military Court in the beginning of September. All the defendants deny their guilt.

The investigation believes that Ruslan Mukhudinov, who is currently on the wanted list, was the contractor of the killing. The inquest against him and other unidentified persons is ongoing.

During the investigation of this criminal case, the family of Nemtsov had asked to question Ramzan Kadyrov, the Head of Chechnya, as a witness – but their request was denied. Kadyrov had stated earlier that “there was no feud or hostility” between himself and Nemtsov. According to the Head of Chechnya, the assassination of the opposition politician could be a part of a “deceitful plan to disrupt the situation in the country”.



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