Yaroslavl Region: military pensioner organized brothel with children

Yaroslavl Region: military pensioner organized brothel with children
Alexey Ponomarenko pleaded innocent

The court sentenced the organizer of the brothel, a retired EMERCOM officer and other accomplices, including the girls’ relatives.

In the village of Lakhost, the Yaroslavl Region, law enforcement bodies exposed a gang of pedophiles, organized by military veteran Alexey Ponomarenko, 58. The victims are six girls from 9 to 14 years old, whom Ponomarenko trained to work as prostitutes and offered to wealthy clients. Some of the girls were involved in sex work with the permission of relatives.

“The main prerequisite was that the girls had to be under 14 years old. As a rule, the schoolgirls were prepared for a meeting with men, they more or less understood why they were going [to them],” an unnamed source told 76.ru

The girls received gifts and money from 500 to 3,000 rubles ($ 7-45). Ponomarenko found the girls with the help of prostitute Anastasia Belova, then the girls were brought to a house specially bought for this in Lakhost. There, the pensioner would hole up with the girl and demand oral sex. If the schoolgirl passed the test, a rich client would be searched for her.

Ponomarenko, Belova and other accomplices, including several mothers and two grandmothers of the victims, as well as Moscow lawyer Pavel Fedotov and the EMERCOM officer Vasily Pradun, 60, were taken to the dock. The latter did not go to Lakhost and was tried separately. According to the prosecution, the former rescue worker watched porn movies with the juvenile on the backseat of his minibus, and then demanded oral sex. Later he met Ponomarenko but did not cooperate with him.

The court sentenced Ponomarenko to 21 years in prison, Belov received 10.5 years, Fedotov and Pradun were sentenced to 20 years and 12 years in a penal colony, respectively. The remaining persons involved in the case received from 6.5 years to 12.



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