Yakutsk: Philippine woman slave breaks spine running from lieutenant colonel and his wife

Yakutsk: Philippine woman slave breaks spine running from lieutenant colonel and his wife
As the woman was trying to break free, she jumped out of an apartment window on February 12

The victim has been hospitalized.

Yakutia Investigators opened a criminal case against a senior policeman and his wife, suspected of illegal confinement of a Philippine citizen. As the foreigner was trying to get away from her captivators, she jumped out of the window and got seriously injured.

The married couple from Yakutsk has been charged under part 3 of Art.127 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Deprivation of Liberty that has entailed grave consequences), the local Investigation Committee reported. The defendants are facing eight years in prison. The suspect’s workplace has not been specified.

Meanwhile, media outlets have reported that the criminal case was initiated against Kristina and Aleksandr Levadny, the Deputy Chief of Yakutsk Department of Economic Security and Countering Corruption (UEBiPK), a police Lieutenant Colonel.

"So far we have established that between February 10 and 12, 2017 a couple, i.e. a group of persons acting by previous concert, were unlawfully depriving of freedom a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines against her will, in an apartment located on Kuzmina Street in the city of Yakutsk," the Investigative Committee reported.

On February 12, as the woman was trying to break free, she "jumped out of a window of the apartment, located on the building’s first floor." According to investigators, the falling caused the foreign woman grave injuries. She was diagnosed with catatrauma, vertebral fractures and calcaneus offset. The victim is now in hospital.

News.Ykt.ru has given the details of Raquel’s release. The guest worker had a job at Chisty Dom (Clean House), company run by Kristina Levadnaya. Having had no salary for a long time, the Filipino cleaner left for another cleaning company.

On February 11, Kristina and her husband burst into Raquel’s office. The policeman and his wife forcibly took the Filipina with them to an apartment near the airport. According to the victim, they were beating her and Aleksandr Levadny was also choking her.

When the obstinate slave was tamed, the Levadny couple locked her in a room. Raquel waited until they were asleep and jumped out of the window, News.Ykt.ru wrote.

Despite the serious injury, the woman was able to get to the road and catch a ride. She turned to Afanasy Alekseev, the owner of an auto parts store. "My family has used the cleaning services of Raquel for 1.5 years”, said Afanasy. “She’s a very nice and responsible woman, we've never taken any issues with her performance." The victim rang the businessman’s doorbell at about 4:00 am.

Having learned that Raquel had been kidnapped and enslaved, Alekseev immediately called an ambulance and the police. But just 15 minutes later a woman and a uniformed man appeared on his threshold. They got into the house without permission and tried to force Raquel out while doctors were examining her. After a short scuffle, Afanasy managed to push the visitors out of the apartment and lock the door. Then he noticed a bankcard the policeman had dropped, issued in the name of Aleksandr Levadny.

The businessman believes that someone told the anti-corruption law enforcement officer that he had turned to the police. Only this could explain the fact that the alleged kidnappers showed up so quickly. The businessman saw he could not count on the police anymore and called the MIA Security Department and the Investigative Committee of Russia.

The local Ministry of Internal Affairs admitted that one of their officers was involved in the embarrassing story, but gave no details of the situation and withheld his name.

"According to a story that mentions a Yakutsk MIA officer that was posted on a news website, Yakutia Ministry of Internal Affairs has scheduled an investigation into the matter. The findings will define our further steps," said the MIA official website.

If confirmed that the officer is guilty as charged, he will be removed from the bodies of internal affairs, and his supervisors will be disciplined, the Interior Ministry assured.



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