Yakut Head willing to press charges over plane incident

Yakut Head willing to press charges over plane incident
Egor Borisov

Egor Borisov claims the service of Aeroflot flight attendants' behaviour was unacceptable: they forgot to give him his boarding pass.

After the aircraft scandal, the head of the Sakha Republic Egor Borisov is going to press charges, as he believes it was Aeroflot’s fault.

It happened on February 17 in Moscow, on board an Aeroflot plane, which was about to fly from Moscow to Yakutsk. As a result of the incident, an assistant to the Yakut Head was denied aboard the plane. Soon a document supposedly written by Aeroflot officials hit the web. The document accuses the Yakut Head himself, who had allegedly threatened to fire everyone with a call to the Minister of Transport and the presidential administration. After that, there are descriptions of an extraordinary behavior of Borisov's assistant Evgeny Shigapov, who got forcibly removed from the place for foul language and an aggressive attempt to enter the cockpit.

"After boarding, business class passenger Evgeny Shigapov was removed from the plane, as he had addressed the crew using rude and offensive language when asked to show his boarding pass. Then he tried to get into the cockpit and kept attempting to do so until commander Shigapov told him to stop at once. After that, he was removed from the plane by police officers," said a source familiar with the situation.

Later, Egor Borisov wrote on Instagram: "after the check-in, the airport staff forgot to give our boarding passes to me and my wife, so they were brought later with apologies", but "this time was enough for the stewardess to create tension and remove my assistant from the plane without any grounds".

"I instructed the republic’s administration to give a comprehensive and objective legal assessment of the actions of the crew and the stewardess, and, if necessary, to file a claim," said the Head of Yakutia.

The adviser to the Head of Yakutia, Stanislav Platonov, confirmed that the incident did take place, but said he did not know any details.



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