Yahoo reported hacking of three billion accounts. Russian hackers again?

Yahoo reported hacking of three billion accounts. Russian hackers again?
Photo: Global Look Press/Mark Richards

Hacker attack on Yahoo affected, according to updated data, all three billion accounts, the Internet company announced.

Earlier it was assumed that as a result of attack hackers could get information about one billion Yahoo accounts.

Hackers obtained such personal information as name and surname, date of birth, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and passwords.

Hackers attacked Yahoo in 2013, but found the cyber attack only in 2016. Immediately after the hacking was discovered, the Internet company's management announced accounts security upgrade.

The company Yahoo announced a cyber attack in September 2016. Initially, it was reported that 500 million accounts could have been harmed from the actions of the attackers, and then the company's management spoke of hacking one billion accounts.

Behind the cyberattack, according to Yahoo, there could have been hackers, operating with the support of one of the states. In March 2017, the US Justice Department brought charges of hacking Yahoo against three citizens of Russia - Dmitry Dokuchaev, Alexey Belan and Karim Baratov. Russian Igor Sushchin, suspected of supervising Dokuchaev by US law enforcement agencies, was also suspected of involvement in the hacking attack. Sushchin and Dokuchaev, the US Justice Department reported, are officers of the FSB.

At the time of charging, Dmitry Dokuchaev was in Russia in custody on the case of high treason. In August, the Dozhd television channel reported that Dokuchaev and other FSB officers are accused of transferring names and other information about Russian hackers to US intelligence services. The lawyer of one of the defendants of the case upon the high treason denied this information.



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