Yacht of Russian deputy gets into storm in Spain 

Yacht of Russian deputy gets into storm in Spain
Sila Sibiri Yacht Photo: Screenshot from a video

Some say that an expedition to Antarctica was in preparation on the ship.

A storm cast ashore the Sila Sibiri yacht, which belongs to Valery Kokorin, an Omsk deputy. It is now in Palma de Mallorca, Spanish media reported.

According to Maritimebulletin.net, the luxury vessel nearly crashed. There were two crewmembers on board at the moment; they are unhurt, according to preliminary data.

Meanwhile, Omsk media say that Sila Sibiri ("Power of Siberia") is now being prepared for a 2020 world tour. The route is supposed to follow the footsteps of the Antarctica discoverers, Bellingshausen and Lazarev.

Valery Kokorin contributed the 1.6-million-euro vessel to the expedition. It was launched after repairs in May of this year.

At the same time, a number of anonymous sources claim that the crew had not been preparing the ship for the expedition; instead, they were raising funds by offering a ride to potential investors.

Earlier it was reported that they needed 1.5 million euros to make the round-the-world voyage possible.

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