World Cup speed climbing winner maimed in nightclub fight  

World Cup speed climbing winner maimed in nightclub fight
Tatyana Ruiga

Tatyana Ruiga was injured near a nightclub & bar called Mods in Krasnoyarsk.

Four-time world champion in rock climbing got a tailbone fracture during a conflict at the entrance to a Krasnoyarsk nightclub. Tatyana Ruiga made an Instagram post with a CCTV footage, where she falls on the ground in an attempt to push the guard.

The incident occurred at the entrance to a Krasnoyarsk nightclub & bar called Mods. The video clearly shows that the athlete is trying to walk pass the guard, boldly pushing the man off her way. The guard does not let her pass; he grabs the woman and then, twisting, she falls flat on the asphalt.

As Tatyana Ruiga wrote herself on the social media, she got a tailbone fracture in the incident and was taken to hospital. She is to undergo a surgery soon.

"So the result is… A tailbone fracture with displacement. Excruciating pain for up to six months, followed by a surgery to remove the coccyx. Full rest with anesthetics... I can’t lift my three-month-old daughter without help," Ruiga wrote on Instagram.

The nightclub administration wished the athlete a speedy recovery; however, they denied all her accusations against the guard. According to the administration, all the nightclub employee was trying to do is show the woman where the exit was.

Tatyana Ruiga, 39, is a famous sportswoman, four times world climbing champion and the ambassador of the 2019 Winter Universiade.

Video: Tatyana Ruiga, 2006 World Cup speed climbing winner, accuses bar guard of battery 



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