World Cup fans spent roughly $1.5 billion in Moscow

World Cup fans spent roughly $1.5 billion in Moscow

The Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, reported on the rapid recovery of the city's expenditures on the tournament.

About 4 million people that visited Moscow during the World Cup spent over 96.5 billion rubles ($1.5bn) in the capital, according to the materials of the Moscow Urban Forum. Additional revenues of the Moscow budget from the World Cup amounted to 13.2 billion rubles ($211m), TASS reports.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin announced the fast recovery of the city's expenditures on the championship. "Concerning the costs on sports infrastructure, we did not prepare the city specifically for the World Cup, the only thing we prepared was Luzhniki stadium, which was redesigned according to the FIFA standards. It cost 25 billion rubles ($399.6m). But in any case, even these costs were paid off halfway in a month," said the Mayor.

Some other cities also calculated preliminary revenues from the championship holding. Guests of the Tatarstan capital, Kazan, spent 11.2 billion rubles ($178.9m), which is six times more than during the same period last year. On average, every tourist left about 37 thousand rubles ($591.3) in Kazan, including on food, accommodation, and various purchases.

The additional profits of business people in the Nizhny Novgorod region reached 10 billion rubles ($159.8m), and overall, the championship, according to the regional government, will account for up to 1% growth in the gross regional product. According to the estimates of American consulting agency McKinsey, Russia's net earnings during the World Cup will stand at 184 billion rubles ($2.9bn). That said, Russia's preparations for the tournament cost 883 billion rubles ($14.1bn).

Earlier, VTB estimated that during the group stage of the World Cup, fans spent about 17 billion rubles ($271.7m). Regarding spending, Moscow leads among the cities (16.2 billion rubles ($258.8m), Yekaterinburg follows it with a large margin (211 million rubles ($3.3m), Kazan ranks third (146 million rubles ($2.3m).

Even prior to the championship, market participants predicted that each of the foreign fans would stay in Russia on average for a few days and spend from 500 to 3 thousand dollars. Of this amount, up to 40% was supposed to be spent on purchasing the championship symbols, and about a third - on food.

"Guests from the UK, Germany, and Japan spend $1-2 thousand, from the Republic of Korea - $0.5 - 2 thousand, from China - $2-3 thousand. According to the World Tourism Organization, food accounts for about 30% of the total spending of tourists during a trip," Head of Russiatourism stressed earlier in an interview with TASS.

According to preliminary data of the Ministry of Communications, fans ordered more than 1.8 million Fan IDs. Most Fan IDs were obtained by citizens of Russia - 980 thousand, the second and third places are taken by citizens of China (67 thousand) and the United States (52 thousand), whose teams did not even make it to the World Cup. Mexicans got 44 thousand Fan IDs, citizens of Argentine - 37 thousand, Brazil - 35 thousand, Great Britain - 31 thousand, Colombia and Germany - 30 thousand, Peru - 27 thousand.

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