World Bank blames global economic loss on undereducated girls

World Bank blames global economic loss on undereducated girls
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89% of girls worldwide get primary education, of which only 77% get incomplete secondary education.

The global economy loses up to $30 trillion annually because girls get an incomplete education, the World Bank said in a report (nine years of school for most countries).

“Limited educational opportunities for girls and barriers to completing 12 years of education cost countries between $15 trillion and $30 trillion dollars in lost lifetime productivity and earnings,” the report says.

Less than two-thirds of girls in low-income countries finish primary school, and only one out of three girls finishes secondary school.

 “On average, women with secondary school education earn almost twice as much as those with no education at all,” the World Bank explained.

Currently, about 132 million girls around the world do not attend school, according to the report.

Earlier Russia reportedly refused to participate in the World Bank’s capitalization increase.

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