Woman who fell out of window with 2 children was interested in Vedic astrology and tried to open mind’s eye 

Woman who fell out of window with 2 children was interested in Vedic astrology and tried to open mind’s eye
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36-year-old Liudmila Sokolova tried to find herself, read a lot about self-knowledge and listened to vibrations for DNA healing.

In the morning, on November 11, 36-year-old Liudmila Sokolova fell out of the 9th floor - along with her 4-year-old son Andrey and 9-month-old daughter Tanya (the names have been changed). Andrey survived by a miracle. Now, he is in intensive care. The mother and the daughter died at the scene. Note has been found in the apartment. Liudmila talks to law enforcement and her husband in it. The woman asks in the note: “Don’t arrest Vitalik. He’s not guilty.”

Neighbors and friends of the deceased are shocked. How could this happen? Liudmila and her husband got along like a house on fire. What could go wrong?

“Lidumila had a post-natal depression. She was worried about the fact that she could not shed weight after giving birth. What she was deling with is children. She did not have any hobby. One will deal with, then another,” friends of the deceased say. 

Judging by Lidumila’s social networks, the woman was in the ongoing search for self. “Everything’s gonna be all right. You just have to believe,” this is Lidumila’s status on a social network. The young mother sought in the break-out groups related to esoterics and spiritual practices: Vedic astrology and numerology, Psycho-campaign against illiteracy, Journey to self.   


Liudmila Sokolova hoped that sonic waves would change her life for better. In summer, this year, Liudmila added whole bunch of so called ‘vibrations’ for all of life’s emergencies to her audio playlist on a social network: activation of a pituitary gland (mind’s eye), awakening of intuition, DNA healing, release from a sense of guilt and fear.

Liudmila and Vitaly lived with their 2 children in a 2-room apartment in Moscow’s Babushkinsky District. The husband’s parents lived with them - it was their apartment. During the warm season, the fathers-in-law moved to a summer-house. They were supposed to get back soon. Liudmila was in the maternity leave for almost 5 years. During all this time, she posted on social networks where she was touched with her children. In April, 2019, the posts stopped.

Moscow’s Investigative Committee of Russia initiated a criminal case under article Murder. The preliminary theory is that the incident has no criminal nature.

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