Woman who recklessly drove cherry Hummer detained in Moscow 

Woman who recklessly drove cherry Hummer detained in Moscow

The woman drove right through the footpaths and lawn belonging to the Moscow State University.

Police officers apprehended the motorist, who had grossly violated the traffic rules on her cherry red Hummer H1.

“The person, who was driving the Hummer, was identified, detained and taken to police station for investigation, where it was revealed that the woman had violated quite a number of rules before and had had a few arrests. The offender must appear before court,"  TASS was informed in the law enforcement bodies.

Earlier Life reported that the motor-woman had 25 fines, including 5 outstanding tickets.

As our readers may remember, the police launched an investigation into a video that showed a Hummer driving at high speed across lawns and footpaths near Moscow State University campus. There also were passengers in the car. The offender herself was presumably the one who posted the video on Instagram. The young woman named Dinara posts content on the platform under the nickname dinarka070.

However, in her latest post, the speed fan threatened to sue anyone who tries to "defame and slander" her good name.

"I will go to court demanding compensation for defamation and all the emotional damage!!!" dinarka070 stated. The scandalous video is not on her page anymore.

A user under the same name, dinarka070, can also be found on the popular Smotra.ru website. According to the user information, the account belongs to 26-year-old Muscovite Dinara. In 2014, she owned a Mazda 6 sedan with no further updates since that time.

Video: Reckless Hummer driver runs through MSU lawns



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