Woman of Dagestan complains about being beaten by police and gets prosecuted

Woman of Dagestan complains about being beaten by police and gets prosecuted

Zaynab Chupalova was sued for using violence against a representative of the authorities.

A resident of Makhachkala, Zaynab Chupalova, said that police staff beat her in the station and then brought a case against her on Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power (part 1 and 2 of Art. 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), Kavkazsky Uzel reports.

According to the woman that works at a coffee stall, in September 2018, she went out to smoke with her sister in a deserted place. Police officers approached the women, they began to insult them and refused to present documents. Then one of them began to beat Chupalova's sister. The woman took out the phone to film what was happening.

The accused says she tried to take the phone from a male passer-by, who was filming what was happening at the request of the security officials, but the police did not let her do it and took her to the station.

In the station, the women were seated in different rooms, in which there were employees in bullet-proof vests with machine guns. Chupalova said that the police officers took all her valuables from her and started beating her, demanding that she confess to stealing the phone from the boy.

“All four were beating. Including women. I did not sign anything. Having failed to get confessions from us, a day later we were taken to court, where we were fined for disorderly conduct,” the accused told.

After the beating, Chupalova filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office. However, as a result, a case was filed against her under Art. 318 of the Criminal Code. The investigation claims that Chupalova, who was brought to the station for identification, threw a glass at one of the employees, which led to a rupture of the shoulder joint. The woman allegedly grabbed the second employee by her hair and hit her head on the table, and then threw her on the floor and began to beat her in the head with her hands.

The forensic medical examination qualified the damage to health caused to one employee as “moderate.” Concerning the other one, no visible injuries were found on her body.

Chupalova states that in January the police detained and beat her, and the next day the court sent her to the detention center. Relatives of the woman appealed her arrest, and the Supreme Court of Dagestan released her on bail.

According to Chupalova, who is in hospital for treatment, the police constantly call her and try to meet her on the street. The woman also told about the calls to her parents. “They say that I am wanted, that I was caught somewhere abroad. I do not understand why they need all this,” said Chupalova.

The press service of the ICR Department for Dagestan confirmed that a criminal case was initiated against the woman. The department noted that Chupalova wrote a statement against the police officers after she became a suspect in the attack on them.



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