Witnesses on mass brawl in Kemerovo 

Witnesses on mass brawl in Kemerovo
Photo: Still from the video

The brawl took place outside one of the city’s night clubs.

Witnesses from Kemerovo have captured a mass fight between young men outside the 3F night club located on Khimiki Avenue.

The video has been uploaded to Intsident Kuzbass public group. Judging by the video, a conflict broke out between a group of men, after which one of them hit his opponent. This provoked a mass brawl. One of the participants fell and never got up. A voice over comments: “One of them has been knocked out.”

According to the people who filmed the video, the brawl took place early in the morning on July 20. At the moment, nothing is known about the fate of the man who passed out; no one has reported anything to the police.

Video: Brawl outside Kemerovo night club



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