Witnesses in court reveal Vinogradov’s contacts with militants

Witnesses in court reveal Vinogradov’s contacts with militants
Andrey Vinogradov

According to the witnesses, the defendant would visit the member of the Kizlyar group of militants Yusup Gasanov in colony.

Andrey Vinogradov was at good terms with the member of Kizlyar group of militants Yusup Gasanov when the latter was in colony. The wife and mother of the Kizlyar militant told this in court.

The women said that when they visited Yusup Gasanov in the colony in late July 2012, some man entered the room and told Yusup that ‘Yuska’ was waiting for him. According to Gasanov’s wife, her husband then left the room and was away for two hours. Gasanov’s mother explained that Yuska was Andrey Vinogradov’s nickname, who was renamed Yusup after conversion to Islam.

In addition, according to Gasanov’s mother, Vinogradov and her son used to wrestle together. The name of the man who entered the room during their visit was Zairkhan; he was Vinogradov’s body guard, the militant’s mother added.

Vinogradov denied this information, saying that he would later provide the court with a detailed explanation.

To recall, according to the investigators’ theory, in 2010, then Head of the Department of the Pension Fund of Russia in Dagestan Sagid Murtazaliev transferred money to militants through Andrey Vinogradov. The militants later shot Deputy Chief of the Dagestan Center for Combating Extremism Shevket Kudzhaev and committed an attempt on Vice-Mayor of Kizlyar Vasily Naumochkin.

It should be added that Yusup Gasanov, who had also testified in the Vinogradov case, confirmed the prosecution’s version. He said that he was there when Vinogradov transferred $100,000 to the leader of the militants’ group, Pakhrudin Gadzhiev.



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