Witnesses capture Kerch massacre on video from inside 

Witnesses capture Kerch massacre on video from inside
Still from the witnesses’ video

The total number of fatalities in the attack on the college in Crimea has reached 21 people. According to preliminary data, the attacker has killed himself.

Several videos put up on the Internet show what was happening in the first minutes of shooting in the Kerch Polytechnic College.

On one of the recordings captured by a student outside the building, people do not realize what exactly is happening. Gunshots are heard in the building, which the witnesses thought were explosions. At the same time, when talking to each other, the teenagers want to help those who remained inside the building but do not know how.

Video: Explosion in Kerch

The second video is even more dramatic; it is made indoors. The teenagers are rushing back and forth across the corridor looking for the exit, while shots and screams are heard on the lower floors. 

At some point, the girls making the video decide to go down the stairs, which are full of dead bodies. Shot are heard again; someone is shouting that the attacker is using an automatic rifle. Panicked, people go back.

Video: Shooting in Kerch Polytechnic College as seen from inside

After bumping into a teacher in the stairwell, the students decide whether they should lock themselves in a classroom or escape through a window.

The teacher insists that they better go upstairs. “Let’s go, girls, climb the stairs.” However, the authors of the video try to take their chance and go down. When reaching the first floor, they jump out the nearest window and run away from the building. 

The investigation believes that the attacker was a student of the same educational institution, 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov. October 17 at about 11:40 a.m., he entered the building and began firing indiscriminately with a pump action shotgun. Some time later, he activated an explosive device. After that, he continued to shoot at the people he met on his way. The killings ended when the offender went to the library and committed suicide.

According to the latest reports, the number of victims in the Kerch college massacre is 21, including the assailant himself. This is reported by TASS referring to a source in medical services.

In addition, Mash has published a video from the security camera installed at the Sokol gun shop. It shows Roslyakov buying cartridges four days before the massacre.

Video: Vlad Roslyakov buying cartridges at a gun shop



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