Witness tells how police kill father of MMA world champion 

Witness tells how police kill father of MMA world champion
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Details of the Magomed Yunusilau father's beating are revealed.

Pharmacist Katerina told how the police beat the father of world champion in MMA Magomed Yunusilau to death. Earlier a video of the incident was also published.

The incident occurred in the Moscow Orekhovo-Zuevo. The guards Dmitry Blinov, Pavel Popov and Oleg Shishkanov, attacked the 46-year-old Sulli Yunusilau because of his appearance. The police abused the man and tried to detain him.

Yunusilau tried to hide from the police in a pharmacy. He asked Katerina to call the police, but the attackers showed her an ID.

“They ran, silently detained him and beat him. One guy proceeded the ID, I saw the seal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I did not remember the name of the investigator,” the woman said.


World Champion in MMA Magomed Yunusilau

According to her, the beating at the pharmacy lasted about a minute. The main stage of the scuffle took place on the street, says Ekaterina.

Yunusilau died from injuries received. He was diagnosed with edema and dislocation of the brain and strong hematomas.

A criminal case has been initiated against the police officers over the intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm and abuse of authority. The court placed Popov and Shishkanov under house arrest. The third attacker, Dmitry Blinov, was arrested.



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