Witness in ‘drunk boy’s case’ suspected of alcoholism

Witness in ‘drunk boy’s case’ suspected of alcoholism
Karen Gasparov Photo: Still from the video

Hospital attendant Karen Gasparov was acting weird during the trial, journalists note.

Hospital attendant Karen Gasparov, who is a witness in the case of so-called ‘drunk boy’ – Alyosha Shimko, who was run over by Olga Alisova – is suspected of using alcohol and drugs. This is reported by RenTV

During the trial, the judge asked twice whether the hospital attendant was registered in a psycho-neurological or drug dispensary. The witness responded in the negative, noting that he suffered high blood pressure; at the same time, he was acting weird, trial participants note. 

Gasparov prepared the body of the deceased boy for releasing it for relatives. The tragedy occurred outside one of the residential buildings in Balashikha in the spring of 2017. Olga Alisova run over the boy who was having a walk with his grandfather. Examination revealed that Alyosha Shimko’s blood contained an extremely high dose of alcohol. In the course of a nearly one-year trial, the investigation established that the medical examiner Kleymenov, who escaped abroad after the incident, made a mistake – the boy was not drunk. 

Olga Alisova was found guilty and sentenced to three years in a penal colony settlement.

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