With no regret for murdered gays: Chechnya HRC member admitted her insanity

With no regret for murdered gays: Chechnya HRC member admitted her insanity
Chechnya HRC member Kheda Saratova

Kheda Saratova tried to justify herself for words on the murder of gays in Chechnya, and said that someone is trying to besmirch her.⁠

The Commissioner for Human Rights in Chechnya, Kheda Saratova, admitted that she was shocked by reports of the existence of homosexuals in Chechnya. Therefore, she made emotional statements, in which she asserted that even “if relatives kill a homosexual in Chechnya, they will not disclose it, and law enforcement agencies will react with understanding." She also noted that she "did not receive a single statement about the murder of homosexuals, but if she did, she would not consider it." Now, in an interview with BFM, she admitted that she regretted the statements made.

"I know, there are homosexuals in the world, of course, but I have never heard that they exist in our society. All this shocked me. Maybe I was even a little insane when I was giving interviews. I'm sorry I said some phrases, for example, that relatives will not regret if something like that happens to them. I am sorry," Saratov admitted. She also added that she was misunderstood and someone was trying to besmirch her.

Let's remind, on Saturday, Novaya Gazeta reported about the campaign that was launched in Chechnya to persecute homosexuals, within which more than one hundred men were detained, and at least three of them were killed. Detentions are held throughout the Republic, not only in Grozny. Representatives of the sexual minority, who did not manage to be detained, immediately leave Chechnya, the newspaper reported.

The spokesman of the Head of Chechnya, Alvi Karimov, denied information about homophobic 'sweeps'. Moreover, he said that "it is impossible to detain and oppress someone who simply does not exist in the Republic."

Today, the Novosibirsk branch of the Yabloko party has demanded that federal law enforcement agencies verify information on mass detentions and murders of representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation in Chechnya. The authors of the Novosibirsk Yabloko appeal called the statements of Saratova and Karimov "complete frank xenophobia" and demanded a legal assessment.



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