WikiLeaks: St. Petersburg company watching Russians

WikiLeaks: St. Petersburg company watching Russians

WikiLeaks website published a series of documents on a St. Petersburg company that helps the authorities monitor the Russians.

Peter-Service company is the main supplier of software for the mobile telecommunications network in Russia. The company's clients feature Rostelecom, Gazprom Telecom, MTS, MegaFon, Yota, MTT, Vodafone and other large companies. According to WikiLeaks, the company cooperates with the Russian authorities, helping them monitor their own citizens.

According to the documents, the company offered technologies for control and surveillance of individuals. Peter-Service could even provide a record of a telephone conversation and messages of a subscriber.

According to WikiLeaks, Peter-Service voluntarily cooperated with government departments on mutually beneficial terms. This information is confirmed by the presentation, made by the company in 2013. The report of Peter-Service says that it aims to "effectively cooperate within the alliance: operator-supplier-search engine-business-state agencies".

The published documents cover the period from 2007 to 2015. They begin a series of reports under Spy Files Russia title.

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