Wife of Kurgan United Russia deputy presses battery charges

Wife of Kurgan United Russia deputy presses battery charges
Vladimir Shmakov

Vladimir Shmakov attacked the woman after she said that she was going to leave him.

A woman of the village of Belozerskoye, Kurgan Region, accused her husband Vladimir Shmakov, a United Russia deputy of the Shadrinsk City Duma, of battery, Oblast 45 reports.

The woman told Shmakov that she was going to leave him, after which he began to threaten her and beat her up. The deputy kept saying that he would “make mincemeat” out of his wife. “He has a high post and knows that he has connections, so he can do anything,” said the victim.

Shmakov took the children and refused to let his wife in the house. “He grabbed my arms and threw me out of the fence. He said, "If you come near this place once again, I’m gonna call the nuthouse and they’re gonna take you away," the woman added.

The deputy’s wife added that he threatened her with “collecting certificates that she’s a drug addict and a drunkard and was in a mental hospital.” In her opinion, the man could really buy the certificates. “I work in a kindergarten, every year we go through a physical examination and all the narcologists and psychiatrists,” the victim said.

The police are looking into the woman’s statement. The deputy demanded that the press “stay out of the family matters”.



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