Wife of Denis Voronenkov’s murderer evades interrogations in Ukraine

Wife of Denis Voronenkov’s murderer evades interrogations in Ukraine
Yulia Shaydulina

The special services were going to interrogate the woman on the murder of the former State Duma deputy.

Yulia Shaydulina, the wife of the man who murdered the former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov, left Moscow to avoid contact with Russian special services. According to Life, the woman went to Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk region with her child. Earlier Shaydulina was reportedly going to be interrogated in the case of Voronenkov’s murder her husband Pavel Parshov is accused of.

According to CrimeRussia’s earlier reports, Denis Voronenkov was killed in the center of Kiev on March 23 by an assassin who shot at the deputy several times and injured his bodyguard. Voronenkov’s bodyguard fired at the attacker fatally wounding him. The murderer died in the hospital. Ukraine initiated a criminal case under "Premeditated Murder" article. The killer was identified as Pavel Parshov aged 28.

According to one of the versions, Voronenkov was killed because of a conflict with an international cashier gang, headed by Ukrainian national Viktor Kurilo. Pavel Parshov was in charge of safety in the gang. Earlier, Russian siloviki had become interested in Parshov in connection with the murder of a shadow investor in Moscow.



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