Wife of Berezovsky’s bodyguard exposes tortures at Security Service of Ukraine 

Wife of Berezovsky’s bodyguard exposes tortures at Security Service of Ukraine
Darya Mastikasheva’s farewell letter

The Ukrainian authorities have detained a common-law wife of Boris Berezovsky’s ex-bodyguard; the woman is accused of high treason.

A three-time champion of Ukraine in Taekwondo, Darya Mastikasheva has gone on a hunger strike and written a farewell letter to her mother and her 10-year-old son. According to the woman, she "can no longer bear the humiliation and torture by the Security Service of Ukraine."

"Having absolutely no rights to protection or, at least, to be treated humanely, I’ve decided to go on a hunger strike in protest against the arbitrariness of the scum, who had kidnapped and tortured me, and then threw me in jail," Mastikasheva said in her letter.

Darya Mastikasheva's letter

Darya Mastikasheva's letter

She asked her family to accept her decision to start a hunger strike, since she does not know for how long it will last. She also stresses that Ukraine does not comply with "any human rights and laws," and only fear and violence reign there.

Mastikasheva also expressed the hope that sooner or later, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasily Hrytsak, as well as his colleagues, who scoff at her, will be held accountable and suffer severe punishment.

In the 90s, her former common-law husband Sergey Sokolov headed the security service of Boris Berezovsky. According to the man, the attacks of the Security Service of Ukraine on Mastikasheva may be related to his work. He is currently an expert at Analitika i Bezopasnost (Analytics and Security) center; in the last few months, he was engaged in the investigation of the joint activities of Dnepropetrovsk OCG and the Security Service of Ukraine, concerning the creation of illegal bases for preparation of saboteurs and their subsequent sending to Russia. In addition, he investigated the circumstances of the murder of former State Duma Deputy Denis Voronenkov, which took place in Kiev.

Sokolov insists that his former common-law spouse has no links to his professional activities. She heads a Russian public organization that assists children and youth sports. In the recent years, Mastikasheva has lived in Moscow with a Ukrainian citizenship. She was detained in August 2017 when visiting her mother in Dnepropetrovsk.

Human Rights Watch has accused the Security Service of Ukraine of torture, and also urged the Ukrainian authorities to conduct independent investigation into the incident with Mastikasheva. According to the athlete’s lawyer, his client was mocked in every possible way – the woman was locked in an abandoned house, put a bag over her head, and forced to say on a camera that she was a FSB agent. In addition, she was forced to confess that she had come to her homeland to recruit militants to Donbass.

To recall, August 17, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasily Hrytsak made a loud statement that the agency he headed had exposed "the mechanisms of Russian special services," with the help of which the FSB of Russia intended to use former fighters of Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation to cover up terrorist attacks in Russia. Hrytsak also assured that two suspected organizers of the export of Ukrainian fighters had been taken into custody.

Video: SBU officers charged Darya Mastikasheva with high treason and tortured her in basement



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