Wife of Alexander Vinnik, accused of laundering $4bn through BTC-e, considers case “a US provocation”

Wife of Alexander Vinnik, accused of laundering $4bn through BTC-e, considers case “a US provocation”
Photo from the personal archive of Alexander Vinnik

According to the wife of the alleged creator of the crypto exchange, American intelligence agencies need Vinnik "because of his intellectual abilities."⁠

The wife of Alexander Vinnik, accused by the US authorities of laundering $4 billion, told the publication of Russia Today the details of the criminal case against her husband. In her opinion, Vinnik is important for the US because of his "intellectual abilities", and also because of the information he knows.

The spouse of the detainee points out that in the official accusation it is only a matter of the BTC-e crypto exchange license issued by the US deficiency. According to the logic of the Americans, a site that does not possess this license can be used by criminals to launder illegally obtained funds. Thus, accusations of complicity to drug traffickers are only theoretical.

According to Alexandra Vinnik (spouses are namesakes), US intelligence services want to force a person who is a professional in a very promising sphere to work for them. In addition, she stated that the detained Russian had never owned the BTC-e exchange.

The Vinnik’s wife explains that the amounts claimed in the accusation of US law enforcement officers do not correspond to the way of life of their family, and it is impossible to hide such colossal money.

On June 25, Alexander Vinnik was detained by Greek security officials at the request of the US in the city of Thessaloniki, where he arrived with his family to rest. The US authorities blame Vinnik for laundering $4 billion with the help of the BTC-e, which is allegedly owned by the detainee. In addition, Russian is charged with the theft of the Japanese stock exchange Mt.Gox means in the amount of 850 thousand BTC (about $ 500 million at the time of the course) in 2011-2013.

American intelligence agencies demand extradition of the alleged hacker in the US. There he faces a term of not less than 20 years of imprisonment, as well as a fine of $12 million. A fine of $110 million is imposed on the stock exchange itself.

On July 28, the BTC-e domain was confiscated by six US law enforcement agencies, including the Secret Service of the US Treasury.



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