Entire district comes to say goodbye to murdered 5-y.o. girl 

Entire district comes to say goodbye to murdered 5-y.o. girl
Photo: RIA Novosti

Stepfather killed the child and hid the body in a ditch.

In the village of Kropotkin, Razdolnensky district, in the north of Crimea, people came to say goodbye to a five-year-old girl, who was allegedly killed by her stepfather. The murder took place on November 12.

According to the investigation, a stepfather killed his stepdaughter and hid the body in a ditch. After that, together with his own two-year-old son, he tried to hide in the neighboring state. He did not succeed, after which he returned and declared to the police that the girl was missing.

The child’s body was discovered on November 15 after two days of searching. The 23-year-old mother of the child was working in China, leaving both children with her husband. The man confessed to the murder of the girl; he was charged and arrested until January 14, 2020.

“The funeral ceremony with the girl took place near the House of Culture. A lot of people attended it – pretty much all residents of the district,” the local administration told Vesti. The man accused of killing the child faces up to 20 years in prison.

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