Who to renovate Moscow?

Who to renovate Moscow?
The new fund is designed to help Muscovites with the movement Photo: The CrimeRussia

On April 26, the Foundation for the Promotion of Programs and Projects for the Renovation and Reconstruction of Moscow Apartment Buildings was established. Its organizers say that this is a union of supporters of renovation, designed to help ordinary Muscovites with the move. The CrimeRussia analyzed the list of founders of the Foundation and found many interesting details.

Last weeks the entire Russian segment of net actively discusses the upcoming renovation of Moscow. All know that this program is inevitable, the question is how and by whom it will be implemented. The discussion of renovation causes fierce disputes between supporters and opponents of the program, both of which have weighty arguments. On the one hand, many residents of the city live in terrible conditions, in an emergency and dilapidated housing. On the other hand, it is not known what the program will give people, who are satisfied with their living conditions. More and more often there is information that the main purpose of renovation is to evict residents from expensive areas and sell new property for most amazing pay.

The CrimeRussia could not shy away from this issue. In the course of studying the topic, we found that all the processes of demolition, relocation and construction of new houses are not organized by the government, but a special structure the Fund for the Promotion of Renovation of Housing in the City of Moscow. It turned out that an organization with an almost identical name was created on April 26 this year. However, as it turned out, the existing fund has nothing in common with the fund specified in the law. Then what kind of people created the second fund?

During the analysis of the structure of the fund, we found many interesting details. How does the new fund relate to the Yukos affair, Polonsky and Sechin's ex-wife? Please, read about this in tomorrow's article of the CrimeRussia.



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