What caused mass riots with over 100 migrants in Moscow? 

What caused mass riots with over 100 migrants in Moscow?
Riots in Lyublino

Certain details have become known about yesterday’s conflict outside the Moscow trade and entertainment complex on the Tikhoretsky Boulevard, which was attended by at least 150 migrant workers from Tajikistan.

As elaborated by TASS, the police and the anti-riot squad detained at least 100 people during the suppression of the riots outside Trade Center Moscow on September 20. Almost all of them are citizens of Tajikistan and employees of Trade Center Moscow.

The agency reports that all detainees have been taken to the regional police stations, where they undergo fingerprinting and get screened against the Migration & Checkpoint Authority's database.

To recall, as previously reported, the reason for the mass riots was a domestic conflict, during which officers of the private security company, protecting the territory of the trade center, brutally beat an employee of the shopping complex, a citizen of Tajikistan.

Dozhd TV channel reported today that the victim worked as a loader and transported goods. During the work, guards approached him, took him to the dump, and brutally beat him. He lost consciousness as a result of the beating. Then, the security company employees wrapped him in a cloth and threw him outside the territory of the trade center.

The victim was hospitalized and is currently in intensive care in severe condition. Meanwhile, according to NTV, a doctor of the hospital, to which the migrant had been hospitalized, reported that the victim’s life was not threatened, and “he could hardly be diagnosed even with concussion of the brain.”

According to President of the CIS Migrant Federation for Labor and Social Rights Karomat Sharipov, who revealed the conflict details to the TV channel’s reporter, the employees of the private security company threw the battered man outside the market to avoid responsibility.

“Why outside the market? When a body is found behind the fence, private security company is not considered responsible,” Sharipov said.

After that, according to eyewitnesses, at least 150 of the victim’s fellow countrymen gathered outside the trade center, demanding to punish those responsible. However, instead of punishing the direct participants in the beating, people were seized and beaten, Sharipov said. According to him, after the brawl, at least 200 participants were brought to Lyublino police department, many of whom are still there. 

He also noted that after a number of migrants, including relatives of the injured, gathered near Hospital No. 68 on Shkulev Street, to which the citizen of Tajikistan beaten by the trade center guards had been hospitalized, the police reinforced its protection by detaining several people.

To recall, yesterday, the Mash community reported that the private security company workers had beaten the man for overdue payments on rent. 

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