Wedding cortege with Rolls-Royce and Lada blocked traffic in Moscow 

Wedding cortege with Rolls-Royce and Lada blocked traffic in Moscow
The wedding cortege angered Internet users

The video that was posted on the Internet with the moving of elite foreign cars and Priora with the number E777KN 777 as a wedding cortege angered Internet users.⁠

The scandalous video with the wedding cortege of the golden youth has triggered a new wave of discussion about car rudeness on the metropolitan roads. A column of cars with a newly married couple’s Rolls-Royce, led by cars BMW and Toyota Camry detained other cars and created emergency situations.

As reported by Rossiya24, during the movement cars ‘butted' among themselves for the right to go right after Rolls-Royce, ousting other participants in the movement.

The cars violated the rules of the road, in particular they crossed a solid line and interfered with other cars, occupying several bands at once. The coordinator of the movement Golubie Vederki (Blue Buckets) Petr Shkumatov believes that violations were not so serious, while noting the numbers of Lada, E777KN 777, which had previously been seen on expensive foreign cars. He notices that the combination of letters is deciphered as "I go as I want" and, in his opinion, costs at least 2 million rubles ($35.700).

"Earlier, these numbers were hung on Gelandewagen, recently on Kruzak. If the owner of Lada just hung these numbers purely for fun, then he can be deprived of the licence for a period from six months to a year for driving a car with someone else's numbers. It can also be a 'donor' car if the Land Cruiser owner sold the car and temporarily hung the numbers on Lada," Shkumatov says.

Video: the wedding blocked traffic in Moscow



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