“We will get him in trouble”: corrupt cops extort money from Petya Bakisnky 

“We will get him in trouble”: corrupt cops extort money from Petya Bakisnky
Pyotr Gorbatyuk (operating supervision) Photo: Materials of the criminal case

Thievish groupings set their own colleagues up, using their connections, so that after putting people in prison, police officers could wrest their assets away.

After Shakro Molodoy’s arrest, the information leaked from the criminal world would be enough for several criminal novels. We discovered that besides accretion of criminal concepts, money and power, which began to occur in the Soviet Union even long before its collapse, there was cooperation of representatives of organized crime with law enforcement agencies. According to thievish traditions, it was always considered as a shame, but judging from arrests of leading employees of the Investigative Committee of Russia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, these times have changed and now such cooperation is organized at the highest level.

Provincial Taganrog is not Moscow, of course. But it should not be forgotten that the most famous in this area the Police Colonel - billionaire Zakharchenko is also a native of provincial Milyutinsky district of the same Rostov Region. Scales in the province – not the same as in the capital, but the technologies used by corrupt copes are the same. Thievish groupings set their own colleagues up, using their connections, so that after putting people in prison, police officers could wrest their assets away. Details − in the material of the CrimeRussia.

As we reported earlier, on August 23 this year the staff of criminal investigation department of the Rostov Region, after another criminal meeting near the Pyatihatki village of the Neklinovsky district, Land Rover with influential criminal authority from Taganrog Pyotr Gorbatyuk famous in narrow circles under nickname Petya Bakinsky, was detained. Registered carbine Saiga and cartridges were discovered in the car, while at his country house near the village of Maryevki near the Ukrainian border were found gun, cartridges, grenades and explosives. According to the source, worker, who was living at the country house all the year round, took the responsibility for illegal storage of ammunition. However, it did not save Gorbatyuk - after further inspection of him a package of drugs was unexpectedly found. This moment raises doubts among those in the know, because Gorbatyuk has never been fond of taking drugs. Moreover, he helped the church to save young people from drug addiction.


Photo: Pyotr Gorbatyuk’s possessions    

Gorbatyuk was arrested and placed in pre-trial detention center. As the CrimeRussia’s source notes, during detention and primary search the only things, which were found with him, were weapons. However, in 3 hours, which the authority spent in the cell, drugs appeared in his case. In customary police practice it is accepted to search a detainee both at the time of detention, and during location to a detention cell. In this case the search was carried out at 16:30 and drugs were only found three hours later in the investigator's office during next search in the presence of witnesses. Perhaps, these are professional subtleties of operation of field investigators – they know from experience, where criminals hide the forbidden.

Petya Bakinsky, one of the most famous regional authorities, had a reputation of the Taganrog's underboss. In due time, he improved strong business relations with the now deceased head of underworld of Russia Ded Hassan, who visited the city several times by the invitation of Petya Bakinsky. Ded Hassan (Grandpa Hassan), a representative of the largest Tbilisi thievish clan, was in confrontation with the Kutaisi clan, to which famous criminal authority Kakha Dzhangveladze belongs. Despite this, Pyotr Gorbatyuk managed to establish strong business connections with him as well. At least he thought so.

Kakha Dzhangveladze, also known as Shalvovich, despite his rather young age − 43 years, huge part of his life spent in places of exile and was crowned in accordance with all the criminal traditions. In 2006 Dzhangveladze was released from prison in Georgia, where he served 13-year sentence. Right after he moved to Moscow. In the capital, being already authoritative thief, Kakha was engaged in room robberies and theft of bags from cars.

Каха Джангвеладзе, «Шалвович»

Photo: Kakha Dzhangveladze, Shalvovich

It is known that the current Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev was personally engaged in his capture. Police officers of the Russian Federation detained Shalvovich and expelled him from the country as regular illegal immigrant, as he had counterfeit documents for official stay in Russia.

Then, the thief in law moved to Ukraine, where in 2007 he was arrested for theft of a portfolio from the former Chairman of a regional court of Kiev. During search in his apartment the field investigators found weapon. Dzhangveladze received two years of prison, and then in 2009 was deported from Ukraine to Georgia. Right after deportation the thief moved to Europe, where the Kutaisi clan appointed him to manage assets of the criminal grouping. After assassination attempt in 2013, he moved to Greece, where he is now.

Such vast departure is not casual. According to the CrimeRussia’s source, Shalvovich has indirect relation to arrest of Taganrog authority Pyotr Gorbatyuk. And the attempt to wring out his property became one of probable causes of criminal prosecution of Gorbatyuk.

Hoping for his compliancy, the police officers put Gorbatyuk in a good cell. Then, according to the source, high-ranking staff of the Taganrog police began to make him to re-register expensive parcel of land in the center of Taganrog to one of relatives of the police officers. They also tried to lay claims to other expensive assets, which were under control of the authority. According to available data, till the very end Gorbatyuk fought and refused. And the following happened.

At first, spouse of the authority had an informal meeting with a high-ranking police officer, who complained to the behavior of her husband. There was phrase: “Petya sits good, we will get him in trouble”. And on October 31 this year, well known in Rostov Demyan Mikhaylov (Dyoma) called Gorbatyuk. He was earlier detained by Taganrog division of the Organized Crime Control Department on suspicion of robbery.

Демьян Михайлов и Роман Дереберя

Photo: Demyan Mikhaylov and Roman Dereberya

Earlier, the CrimeRussia published video, where member of the criminal grouping created by Demyan Mikhaylov, Roman Dereberya, with his helpers beats visitors of the Taganrog restaurant Staraya Krepost to unconsciousness and steals personal property from them. The video is dated 2013, but there is still no reaction from the police. Subsequently, in January, 2015, after the next robbery at fishing cooperative, Dyoma and Roman Dereberya got to the police development after which they were arrested.

In the mentioned telephone conversation Dyoma asked when Gorbatyuk was going to settle accounts with Shalvovich and warned that otherwise he would have problems.

On November 1, 2016 young representative of the local criminal environment Maksim Odnokhorov, who served 4 years in prison for robbery, called the authority. He passed on final warning from Shalvovich to Petya Bakinsky. Purportedly if he does not settle accounts and does not go for contact with police, then his daughter will be found killed in the reservoir. The reservoir in Taganrog is a pond located on border with Ukraine and which is in a private property of Pyotr Gorbatyuk.

Максим Однохоров (слева)

Photo: Maksim Odnokhorov (left)

According to the source, Pyotr Gorbatyuk began to undertake drastic measures for protection of his family in spite of the fact that he was in prison. At liberty he has extensive contacts, which could lead to collision of criminal clans. It is possible to assume that the authority driven into a corner would be ready to do anything to eliminate Kakha Shalvovich. The threat of life of his only daughter became a last straw of patience of the aging authority. 



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