“We we burning, and they were laughing at us and recording us.” Irkutsk policemen record burning teenagers 

“We we burning, and they were laughing at us and recording us.” Irkutsk policemen record burning teenagers
One of the victims

The victims say the law enforcers didn’t even try to help them.

A couple of teenagers (16 and 17 years old) received burns in a police car in Irkutsk. The victims say the incident occurred by accident, however law enforcers - instead of giving first aid to the guys - started recording them and handcuffed them by the burnt-out limbs. Sviatoslav Khromenkov’s human rights project Zapravka spread the information.

The incident took place on September 18 when the teenagers went to the store to make change. Saleswoman locked them up and called the police, as their friend had allegedly stolen something 3 days ago. The guys paid for their friend, but the woman refused to release them anyway.

The police arrived and took the teenagers outdoors. They inspected them and placed in an administrative use vehicle UAZ.

“It was completely dark in the detainee compartition. Two of us were locked up. My friend found a lighter under a bench. When my phone fell over, he used the lighter - and it just caught on fire,” the project quotes one of the victims as saying.

The boy says he and his friend were knocking on the door, but the law enforcer were only laughing and recording what was going on. After that, they handcuffed the boys to a pillar by the burnt-out limbs. It was only after interrogation in the police department when the boys were taken to a hospital.

Mother of one of the victims told Taiga.info that there was a bottle with inflammable liquid in the detainee compartition. The liquid caught fire due to the lighter. The guys say they were strongly recommended to tell a certain theory in the police department.

“I told everything as it was. The policeman told me: “If you want to continue studying, you should tell another story. Othewise, we will do our best in order for you not study,” one of the victims said, having noted that they were made say they had burnt the car on purpose.

With that, police youth liaison officer told the parents that their children had been detained on suspicion of arson attack. She did not specify the condition of the victims.

The young men’s families are intent to advocate for the rights with the help of the Irkutsk region’s ombudsman Svetlana Semenova. In late September, they applied with the Investigative Committee and MIA’s Internal Affairs Bureau, however the teenagers have not been summoned for the interrogation, yet.



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