"We do not obey; we are born to command": Policeman with scandalous road-train turns out to be son of prominent businessman 

"We do not obey; we are born to command": Policeman with scandalous road-train turns out to be son of prominent businessman
Karakhan Balakerimov

Policeman Karakhan is the heir of a big businessman Laser Balakerimov, who owns the majority of trade objects in the territory of the Troitsky Administrative District. And brother of Karakhan Balakemirov, Murad, is the close friend of the infamous Mara Bagdasaryan.

The Moscow policeman Karakhan Balakerimov, whose wedding road-train caused chaos on the roads of the capital, is the heir of a big businessman. His father Laser Balakerimov owns the majority of shopping facilities in Troitsky Administrative District of Moscow. His assets include: a construction market, the market Stroymaster, car washes, warehouses, shops, garages, restaurants and cafes. As the Life reports, the entrepreneur owns the trading area between the Khovanskoye Cemetery and the village Dudkino. In addition, the family, which also owns the lion's share of business in New Moscow, has the property worth of about 5 billion rubles in total. The businessman owns about 100 plots of land on the territory of the New Moscow and the Leninsky District.


Interestingly, the brother of Karakhan, 23-year-old Murad Balakerimov, is a close friend of the infamous street racer Mara Bagdasaryan. It was Murad, who came to her rescue at her last detention in the center of Moscow on the night of 5 January for dozens of unpaid fines. The scandalous racer refused to proceed to the police station, explaining it by poor health conditions. She ran away from the hospital thanks to Murad. He calls himself a cousin of Mara Bagdasaryan. It is to be noted that Balakerimov Jr. himself loves beautiful restaurants and expensive cars. In social networks, the young man post photos at the wheel of Porsche, Bentley, posing with a gun and a stack of money. In his profile, Murad wrote: "We do not obey; we are born to command!"

Мурад Балакеримов

Murad Balakerimov

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, a few months ago, 26-year-old Karakhan Balakerimov celebrated his marriage in a big way. The footage of the policeman’s wedding convoy, dated by the summer of 2016, appeared online only now. On the video, one can see how a BMW car is going backwards on Vernadsky Prospekt in Moscow. Karakhan Balakerimov himself was on the passenger seat of a white Cadillac Escalade was looking at what was happening with a smile. Note that only prestigious cars participated in a wedding motorcade: Bentley, Gelandewagen, Mercedes and others. After a long ride through the streets of Moscow, the guests went to the restaurant Yar, where the celebration continued. Life found out that the guest of honor at the wedding was the musician Dino MC, who, according to the journalists, is aclose friend Karakhan.

Свадьба Балакеримова

Dino MC sits at the right hand of the groom

Upon violation of the SDA by the BMW driver, the Moscow MIA Central Board initiated a check. The police also establish whether their colleague is involved in this violation. The newly-married Balakerimov told Life that he did not know the driver of the BMW. Allegedly, the foreign car which was moving backwards was not a part of the convoy.

Карахан Балакеримов

Karakhan Balakerimov

It is to be noted that Karakhan Balakerimov came to work for law enforcement two years ago. Not surprisingly, the son of the prominent businessman of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts went working for the MIA Department of the first AD. Detective Balakerimov is engaged in the fight against organized crime in the 6th operations and search divisions.

Video: Dancing wedding train of the police officer



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