“We couldn’t imagine our children could behave like that.” Kokorin brothers' mother apologizes

“We couldn’t imagine our children could behave like that.” Kokorin brothers' mother apologizes
Svetlana Kokorina and her son Aleksander

Svetlana Kokorina asked the media “not to whip up tension.”

Mother of St. Petersburg FC Zenit forward Aleksander Kokorin and his younger brother Kirill arrested for manhandling a driver of Russia’s Channel One TV-host and two Moscow officials said that what happened is her “whole life’s disaster.” This was said on air of Channel One. Earlier, on air of Zvezda TV-channel, she said that she had brought up Aleksander and Kirill to be “decent people,” and what happened was a huge shock for her.

“We couldn’t imagine our children could behave like that. They were raised not to endure humiliation and offenses, resist their offenders, but we couldn’t even guess it may lead to what happened.” Kokorina said. With that, she noted that her sons had never been aggressive towards other people and always acted in the right way. 

“I know them - they are kind-hearted and affectionate children. Kirill is doing his best to imitate Sasha in all ways - he also started playing football. Sasha is his idol. They’ve always stood together and backed each other. If Sasha is offended, Kirill stands up for him straight away.” She added.

Kokorina asked everyone who suffered from Aleksander and Kirill’s actions for forgiveness, and also turned to journalists asking “not to whip up the tension.” “The situation is not simple, even if it looks such. Before coming to conclusion, let the court to sort things out.” The footballers’ mother said. 

Father of another defendant - FC Krasnodar’s midfielder Pavel Mamaev - was tougher in his rhetoric. Konstantin Mamaev stated that his son acted “boorishly and piggishly.” In his words, what happened is going to be “a very good lesson” for his son. 

“I’m talking about what’s going on right now - not a day, or two, or three days ago. Now, emotions are displaced by a sobering assessment of the situation by both the investigation and ordinary people.” Konstantin Mamaev said on air on NTV channel. He noted that the brawlers “had no moral and legitimate right to act this way.” He also asked the victims for forgiveness. 

Konstantin Mamaev also said that he had talked his son out of buddying up with Kokorin. “From my part, I said to him: “You’d better not to buddy up with Aleksander in terms of entertainment places.” And they did not communicate for about two years. They met each other at a cultural event dedicated to their friendship’s anniversary - there’s no explanation.” The footballer’s father said. 

On October 11, Moscow Tverskoy Court arrested Pavel Mamaev and Aleksander Kokorin for 2 months for attacking Vitaly Solovchuk, a driver of a Channel One TV-host Olga Ushakova, as well as Minpromtorg’s (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation) official Denis Pak, and NAMI’s (The Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute) Director General Sergey Gaisin. A criminal case under article 213 (Hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is initiated. The detainees will remain in a remand prison №2 Butyrka till December 8. 



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