"We are in rage." Ten guards attack nightclub visitors in Moscow

"We are in rage." Ten guards attack nightclub visitors in Moscow
Journalist Yevgeny Levkovich

According to the victims, it was all due to the poster from the rally.

Journalist Yevgeny Levkovich reported on the attack of guards of the Moscow club Arena by Soho Family. According to Levkovich, he and his two companions, the publicist Roman Popkov and Elena Borovskaya, were beaten by the club guards because of a poster from the rally for admitting independent candidates for elections to the Moscow City Council. The rally, we recall, was held in Moscow the day before and gathered about 20 thousand people.

Levkovich, Popkov and Borovskaya after the rally went to the club on Kutuzov Avenue for the concert of the Poshlaya Molly band. In the bag of Levkovich the guards found a poster with the inscription "We are in a rage." They demanded to throw out a poster, the guests asked why they should do it.

After this question, as the victims say, about three guards flew down from the back on all three of them.

“Suddenly the guards attacked us from behind, dragged me out, beating and kicking me, into the street, threw me on the asphalt and just started beating me,” Popkov said.

As a result of the incident, Borovskoy’s face was smashed and his hair was pulled out, and Popkov had his ribs hurt.

The victims appealed for help to the Dorogomilovo police department, but they refused to help them there, saying that “the club is protected by the FSB.”

The club’s website states that "Arena was created by Soho Family professionals." The same team runs the Soho Rooms club, which was mentioned in the investigation of Ivan Golunov about the capital’s funeral business. Soho Rooms, according to Meduza, is owned by the Mazaraki family, closely associated with the Moscow FSB officers.



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