Washington police denies media reports of Mikhail Lesin being beaten to death

Washington police denies media reports of Mikhail Lesin being beaten to death
Mikhail Lesin Photo: Photo: Sergey Avduevsky / Rodionov's Publishing House / TASS

The law enforcers say there is no new evidence in this case.

The Washington police has denied BuzzFeed's reports of former Minister of Press and Broadcasting of the Russian Federation Mikhail Lesin being beaten to death.

To recall, as announced yesterday by BuzzFeed, citing two anonymous source in the FBI, the forensic examination identifies that Mikhail Lesin had been beaten to death by a baseball bat. The ex-minister had his ribs broken.

BuzzFeed also reported that on the eve of his death, Lesin intended to meet the staff of the US Ministry of Justice and discuss the activity of Russia Today media holding and expose its propaganda mechanism.

"Nobody in the bureau believes that he got drunk, fell down, and died. Everyone thinks that he was beaten, and the Kremlin is responsible," one of the publication's interviewees said.

However, the police has denied this information.

"I'm not sure from where BuzzFeed draws its information, as the Washington Police Department is still the main agency that conducted the investigation into this case, and it never concluded that his (Lesin's) death was a result of murder," Washington police department spokeswoman Rachel Reid said.

According to her, no new evidence has been found in this case, so an additional investigation is not on the table.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, former Minister and Media Manager Mikhail Lesin died in Washington in early November 2015. His body was found in a hotel room of at the Dupont Circle Hotel on November 5. According to the US authorities, being in a state of strong alcohol intoxication, he fell several times. As a result of the falls, he allegedly suffered damage to the head and other parts of the body. His death was recognized as an accident. However, there are still various versions of Lesin's death circulating in the media, including murder.



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