Wanted MMA champion Murad Amriev's family flees republic 

Wanted MMA champion Murad Amriev's family flees republic
Murad Amriev

The fate of the athlete himself is unknown since yesterday after his expulsion from Belarus.⁠

The family of MMA fighter, world champion in mixed martial arts Murad Amriev got out of Grozny and left Chechnya for security reasons, TV channel Dozhd reports referring to the sister of Murad, Madina. She says nothing threatened them, but they decided to leave the territory of the republic just in case.

Previously, the athlete's parents, as well as his mother and sister, recorded several video appeals asking for help. According to them, if Amriev is transferred to Chechen policemen, he will be in mortal danger. Calling for justice, Amriev's sister asks the leadership of Chechnya and the MIA of Russia to study the case, when a person with a misprint in his passport is not charged in any case, but a group of "people armed to the teeth chase him across Russia trying to prove that they want to correct this misprint".

Мать и сестра Мурада Амриева

Mother and sister of Murad Amriev (screenshot from Dozhd Channel)

In the meantime, the location of Amriev remains unknown after his transfer to the Russian side by Belarusian law enforcers. The day before his lawyer Pyotr Zaikin said that at half past eight in the evening he saw how he was taken from the Regional Department of Internal Affairs of the Belarusian city of Dobrush in an unknown direction. Notably, lawyers and human rights activists were prevented from tracking the movement of transport, as two columns of three cars left the building, droving in different directions. The police detained cars with journalists.

Correspondent of Dozhd, also in Dobrush, said he learned from the conversation of two law enforcement officers that afternoon that the sportsman was going to be handed over to some Chechen security forces at kilometer zero.

According to official statements of the law enforcement bodies of Belarus, reported by RIA Novosti, Amriev was deported from the country by the instructions of the Prosecutor General's Office on Friday early in the morning.

Earlier, the authorities of Belarus decided to deport Murad Amriev, for which they urgently prepared all the necessary documents. Amriev said to journalists arrived that lawyers were not allowed to talk to him, he cannot make a call and is deprived of the opportunity to ask for asylum in this country – the filing of such a statement allowed to postpone his transfer to the Russian side at least for the time it was being considered. At the same time, as the competent authorities of Belarus told RIA Novosti, they did not receive any request from Amriev for asylum.

Адвокат Амриева Петр Заикин

Amriev's lawyer Pyotr Zaikin

Amriev was detained on Wednesday at checkpoint Veselovka when trying to leave Belarus for Ukraine.

On June 6 Amriyev was released from the temporary detention facility of Bryansk, where he was placed after being removed from the Kiev-Moscow train. At the request of the MIA of Chechnya he is wanted for a misprint in his passport. However, Bryansk policemen could not hand him over to the siloviki, who arrived from Grozny purposefully for Amriev, because they did not provide the necessary documents for the transfer.

The MIA of Chechnya has been hunting for a fighter since 2013, after he left the country. Before that he was tortured with electricity and beaten at the police station, seeking the return of his elder brother, Zurab, from Germany. The Chief of police of the capital of Chechnya, Magomed Dashaev, suspects him of preparing an attempt on himself.

Murad claims the Chechen security forces declared him ‘blood feud’, and he was forced to hide abroad. He had to come to Russia to extend his visa.

Use of a Knowingly Forged Document (part 3 of Art. 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), which he is charged with, implies the incorrectly specified year of his birth. Such documents were issued to him by Chechen officials.



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