Wanted: Girlfriend of Shaltay-Boltay leader Irina Shevchenko

Wanted: Girlfriend of Shaltay-Boltay leader Irina Shevchenko
Irina Shevchenko Photo: @ Rosbalt

It was she, who, according to media reports, extracted the content with officials and businessmen gadgets, whom the hacker group then blackmailed.

As part of the Shaltay-Boltay (Humpty Dumpty)’s case, the citizen of Ukraine, 30-year-old Irina Shevchenko (Alice) is declared wanted, Rosbalt writes. Under arrest there are three group members - its leader Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis), as well as his partners, Konstantin Teplyakov (March Hare) and Alexander Filinov (Mad Hatter).

According to the source portal, Shevchenko met Anikeev in one of the capital's fitness club, where she worked as a trainer. Gradually, from the friend she became a partner. Her responsibilities included pastime in cafes and restaurants in Moscow, and always with a laptop. In the computer it was installed a special equipment that created false tesselar pattern and pseudo-Wi-Fi. With the help the content was downloaded with gadgets of visitors.

Further, this information Anikeev passed to his accomplice in Estonia (Shaltay). The same content was sorted, selecting valuable blackmail material, part of which was exhibited for sale for Bitcoins. Alice cashed cryptocurrency in Ukraine. Now, she lives in Kiev.

Yesterday, the court extended the arrest of Teplyakov and Filinov.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, in the case of Shaltay-Boltay new detentions of FSB ISC officers are expected. Sergey Mikhailov and another ISC officer Dmitry Dokuchaev were detained in December 2016 on suspicion of High Treason (Art. 275 of the Criminal Code).

According to sources, Vladimir Anikeev (Lewis), the founder of the site Shaltay-Boltay, gave testimony against FSB officers. It is assumed that Mikhailov was in charge of the hacker group. However, on Wednesday, February 1, the lawyer of one of the defendants in the case of high treason, Ivan Pavlov refuted this information. According to him, participants in the case of Shaltay-Boltay are not related to the investigation against his client and the other defendants.



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