Waiting for full mopping-up. Inspector are looking for disobeying the authorities at the St. Petersburg Prosecutor's Office

Waiting for full mopping-up. Inspector are looking for disobeying the authorities at the St. Petersburg Prosecutor's Office
The Prosecutor of St. Petersburg Sergey Litvinenko

The Prosecutor General's biggest check of the work of law enforcement agencies in St. Petersburg in the last 20 years has already reached its peak. There appeared first hints of what auditors are actually looking for.

The check covers all law enforcement agencies of St. Petersburg. In police departments the particular interest for investigators composes unfavourable cases, in the opening of which it has been denied for any reason. As it was reported to the CrimeRussia, inspectors demand to institute them immediately and appoint a new procedure. The same applies to cases involving missing citizens. To date, the district police departments are already inundated with newly opened criminal proceedings.

But here it should be noted that the special attention of the General Prosecutor's Office was attracted to cases for past three years - 2014, 2015 and the current 2016.

As for the rest of the documents, they verify everything, according to our sources, - commas, stamps and the correct paperwork in accordance with existing departments instructions.

On this check there are working not only 30 respected inspectors, but officers of the City Prosecutor's Office, who were assigned to the inspection in districts.

In the very City Prosecutor's Office the situation is grim at all. As reported the CrimeRussia, there is heavy silence and the staff of the department communicate with each other (even in the smoking room) with interjections and only in a whisper. Checking results tend not to be discussed. According to some reports, in the case of a negative evaluation of the Prosecutor of St. Petersburg Sergey Litvinenko’s work, in the same way it will be evaluated all the supervisory authority, and not only he may lose his post, but also all his deputies and heads of departments, which are the part of the City Prosecutor's Office. In other words, the mopping-up will be complete.

It is necessary to mention that it is also checked sentences on high-profile criminal cases, where the public prosecution was supported by employees of the City Prosecutor's Office. Inspectors are interested in, first of all, how many sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court and how many cases have been sent for retrial.

With specific regard to the work of Sergey Litvinenko, then, according to some reports, inspectors of the Prosecutor General's Office scrutinize with special care the answers to previously sent orders by the Prosecutor General’s Office and the quality of their fulfilment. But as we have already mentioned, these orders were allegedly ignored and not performed for some time. Subordinates of Yuri Chaika set out to put together materials with formal violations, expressed in direct disobedience to the Head, to get the basis for the formal resignation of the Prosecutor of St. Petersburg. 



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