“Waiting for FSB operatives in Prilepin’s cottage.” Tashkent in jeopardy after death of DPR President? 

“Waiting for FSB operatives in Prilepin’s cottage.” Tashkent in jeopardy after death of DPR President?
Is Tashkent a raider or hero? Photo: The CrimeRussia

After the murder of the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and hasty departure of his closest associate Aleksander Timofeev to Russia, an Interim Commission of the DRP Parliament has been established to determine damages sustained by legal entities and individuals due to unlawful actions of the Ministry of Revenues and Taxation. Aleksander Timofeev (Tashkent) was in charge of this ministry. Who is he and why the victims started filing complaints only now?

Aleksander Yurievich Timofeev is a native of Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol krai. Timofeev spent his childhood and youth in Donbass and finished school there. In 1989, Timofeev has enrolled at the Tashkent Higher Combined-Arms Command School (his codename Tashkent originates from this). Later he has transferred to the Far Eastern Higher Combined-Arms Command School in Blagoveshchensk. For two years, Timofeev was the security chief at a diamond factory. In 1996, he returned to Donetsk and launched a business. In 2012, Timofeev has graduated from the Donetsk Entrepreneurship Institute as an Economic Manager. Overall, Aleksander Timofeev is a military professional skilled in security services and business. 


Aleksander Timofeev (Tashkent)

During the Donbass war, on November 2, 2014, Timofeev was elected a Deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR from Donetskaya Respublika (Donetsk Republic) parliamentary fraction. Ten days later, he was appointed the Minister of Revenues and Taxation of the DPR. On April 11, 2016, he became a Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the DPR. Timofeev had coordinated activities of six economic ministries of the republic and was the second person in the DPR after Aleksander Zakharchenko.


Tashkent was a close friend of DPR President Aleksander Zakharchenko; they were always together

Waiting for FSB operatives

After the appointment of Denis Pushilin the Interim Acting Head of the DPR on September 7, 2018, Aleksander Timofeev was relieved from all his posts and relocated to Russia.

He is prohibited from entering the DPR.

After the hasty departure of Tashkent, an Interim Commission of the DRP Parliament has been established in the republic to determine damages sustained by legal entities and individuals due to unlawful actions of the Ministry of Revenues and Taxation. On September 13, 2018, an interdepartmental commission involving the Ministry of State Security, Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), and Ministry of Finance of the DPR and controlled by the Prosecutor General’s Office of the DPR joined the investigation of the ‘Tashkent case’. 

The inquest into past operations of the ex-minister was launched after the change of power in the DPR due to numerous complaints from major agrarian and transport enterprises of the region accusing the Ministry of Revenues and Taxation and personally Aleksander Timofeev of seizing their assets – i.e. raidership.


In May 2017, the title of the Hero of the DPR has been awarded to Tashkent   

The both commissions are examining complaints of unlawful actions of the Ministry of Revenues and Taxation and submit the relevant evidence to the law enforcement structures of the DPR. A large number of complaints have been received by now. In addition, according to The CrimeRussia sources, the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation is also carrying out an inquest into operations of the group led by Tashkent.


Aleksander Timofeev at the funeral of Aleksander Zakharchenko

As the saying runs, the life of Timofeev has fractured and the fortune turned back on him. According to the source close to his inner circle, Tashkent feels himself pretty uncomfortable in Russia. 

Tashkent clearly understands that the criminal cases instituted against him may have dire consequences. The Presidential Executive Office issued an unofficial instruction not to ‘cover up’ the ex-minister; therefore, Russia may extradite him to the DPR for prosecution. He is in a tight corner: Timofeev and Dmitry Trapeznikov, ex-Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR also suspected of corruption, have no place to hide except for Russia. Currently they stay in the cottage of writer Zakhar Prilepin in the Moscow region. By the way, the ‘political officer’ of the battalion named after himself is prohibited from entering the DPR as well. Aleksander Kazakov, former Advisor to the Head of the DPR having his dirty fingers in the pie, is also concerned about his fate. All of them currently reside in Prilepin’s home; they are shocked and emotionally upset, drinking all day long and expecting FSB operatives to come any time. Timofeev is in the worst situation,” – the source told.


Trapeznikov and Timofeev at the funeral of the DPR President

For reasons beyond control, The CrimeRussia does not possess yet documents confirming the seizures of assets from individuals and legal entities by Aleksander Timofeev, neither does it have any information on his bank accounts, offshore companies, etc. We rely on official information received from the DPR and explanations provided by our local sources. According to them, the wealth of Aleksander Timofeev may be accumulated in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

A la the 1990s: We rule here and the enterprise shall be ours!

Vadim Savenko, Director of Kolos (Head) D Limited Liability Company, one of the largest agricultural enterprises in the DPR (legal address: 11 Naberezhnaya street, Komsomolsk, Starobeshevsky district, DPR), claims that the Ministry of Revenues and Taxation has appropriated, as per personal instruction of Aleksander Timofeev, assets of the agricultural complex worth over 850 million rubles ($12.8 million).

“In November 2017, a group of armed people under the command of Gennady Kryazhev, Director of Zarya Agro State Enterprise, have entered the territory of Kolos D. Citing some documents allegedly possessed by the Ministry of Revenues and Taxation and recognizing all assets of the enterprise ownerless, they have, in fact, seized it. Therefore, as of July 1, 2018, Kolos D has lost 850 million rubles ($12.8 million) in total. This refers to movable assets, livestock, and agricultural products,” – the director states.


Kolos (Head) D was the leader among agricultural enterprises of the DPR   

According to Vadim Savenko, he had a personal meeting with Aleksander Timofeev who, in fact, refused to listen to him and confirmed that he is seizing the enterprise. 

«This was a conversation a la the 1990s. He told me: “Listen, it's none of your business! You are nothing here. We rule here and believe that the enterprise shall be ours,” – Donetsk News Agency is citing Savenko. 

Savenko says that all the harvest of 2017 was seized by enterprises controlled by Tashkent’s daughter Alisa Timofeeva. It is necessary to note that in such situations, DPR businessmen were afraid to claim their property rights because Tashkent had strictly held everything in the republic. 

“The point is that the majority of local businessmen were afraid to reach to the supreme DPR leadership because of direct threats from the minister; they had feared potential consequences for themselves and their relatives. Those daring to stand upon their rights were at best detained. Speaking of entrepreneurs familiar to me, some fifteen people were thrown in cellars,” – Savenko confirms. 

Contrary to the DPR legislation, an illegal armed group known in Donetsk as ‘Tashkent’s regiment’ had performed all the ‘dirty work’ for Aleksander Timofeev. Officially, the subordinates of Timofeev were security guards and tax officers. They had carried out raiding takeovers and collected ‘levies’ from businessmen. 

Raidership without borders 

Aleksander Timofeev used to control big retailers supplying and selling food products in the DPR. Businesses not falling under his control schemes, including small rural shops or food trucks, were fined thousands of rubles. Combined with ‘levies’ collected on a regular basis, these factors had forced the retailers to increase prices, thus, making their products uncompetitive.

It is not a secret that products shipped to the DPR by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) as humanitarian aid had often ended up in Donetsk supermarkets. In other words, the stuff brought by white Kamaz trucks was supplied to stores, – a DPR parliamentarian told us.

According to The CrimeRussia sources, Konstantin Kulishov, Director of Rynki Donbassa (Donbass Markets) State Enterprise, was a partner of Timofeev in the ‘trade business’. Jointly with members of Timoveev’s family clan, he was a cofounder of a number of companies; collaboration with those was mandatory for all retail businesses in the DPR.


The current whereabouts of Konstantin Kulishov, business partner of Tashkent, are   

For instance, Treidtorg Limited Liability Company controlled supplies and sales of food products, alcohol drinks, and household chemicals; Sportmaster DNR Limited Liability Company – clothes, sports goods, and various equipment; Dontreiding Limited Liability Company – wholesale and retail trade, including tobacco. Using Donbass Capital Commodity Exchange, Timofeev was selling goods acquired by marauding offices, homes, and trading facilities of people who had fled to Ukraine. He had also ‘patronized’ gas station and pharmacy chains and collected and sold ferrous and non-ferrous metals. According to the source, enterprises controlled by Timofeev hadn’t paid taxes to his ministry or paid symbolic amounts. 

Рынки Донбасса.png

Using similar schemes, Aleksander Timofeev seized control over all the trade in the DPR

On September 15, it became known that a commission has been established in the DPR to audit the efficiency of Rynki Donbassa (Donbass Markets) State Enterprise. The commission involves vice premiers and representatives of the Ministry of Revenues and Taxation, MIA, and Ministry of State Security. According to Evgeny Lavrenov, Acting Minister of Revenues and Taxation, the legislative framework for transferring state markets to municipalities and private markets – to their owners is to be developed soon.    


Evgeny Lavrenov   

Big transport companies of the DPR also complain of illegal seizures of business. According to Aleksander Aleksandrov, official plenipotentiary representative of the owners, the Ministry of Revenues and Taxation has caused damages to Regional Fund for Direct Investments Limited Liability Company, Smaragd-2013 Limited Liability Company, and Southeastern Bus Stations owning 10 republican auto stations, including Yuzhny (Southern) Bus Terminal and Kryty Rynok (Roofed Market) Auto Station in Donetsk.

“On September 29, 2015, armed people posing as officers of the Ministry of Revenues and Taxation have stormed into territories of the above enterprises. Following a personal command of Aleksander Timofeev, they have escorted the management on the street at rifle point and secured the premises. The Director of Enakievo Motor Depot was taken away and locked in the basement. In private conversation, Timofeev told him straight that he has grabbed the business. Gas stations were seized in a similar way,” – Aleksandrov claims. 

It is necessary to note that Enakievo Motor Depot fleet consisted of more than hundred buses and minibuses. After the appointment of a new administration controlled by Timofeev, the total losses, according to Aleksandrov, have reached some 100 million rubles ($1.5 million) of net profits in three years.

Coal Tashkent’ and Cheburashka

There are more episodes requiring a thorough investigation. According to The CrimeRussia sources (we hope that the law enforcement authorities closely scrutinize this information), Tashkent maintained close ties with coal businessman Sergei Kuzyara, a native of Makeevka representing the interests of the Executive Office of the Ukrainian President. Together, they were shipping Donetsk coal to Ukraine and gained huge profits in cash. Timofeev had smuggled coal on a regular basis through the enterprises under his control: Ayaks I Ko Limited Liability Company and Verhaus Limited Liability Company. The first company is incorporated in Shakhtersk, DPR and specializes in coal mining. The second one is incorporated in Lugansk and provides intermediary services in fuel, ore, and metal trade. 


Сергей Кузяра

The law enforcement authorities should also identify the location of 2757 missing railway cars that, according to the media, were on Debal’tsovo-Sortirovochnaya station in winter 2015. Immediately after the liberation of Debal’tsovo from Ukrainian punitive forces, a special commission chaired by Aleksander Timofeev was established to deal with these assets. The railway cars were recognized ownerless by the commission and then disappeared without a trace.

Evil tongues claim that after the inspection of that strategic railway junction, Aleksander Timofeev became richer by $50 million.

Aleksander Kazakov, former Advisor to the late Head of the DPR, justifies the actions of the group led by Tashkent. According to him, all the assets seized by Timofeev's ministry were sold and proceeds spent on the military-industrial sector of the republic.






“Under the leadership of Zakharchenko, the team created by Tashkent has developed the defense industry. A very real one. The other side knows very well what is Cheburashka. Just watch the video of retaliation for slain Mamai. It had never existed in Donetsk and was created from scratch; specialists and equipment were found," – Kazakov recently said in an interview and emphasized that there is no military expenditure article in the DPR budget, and the defense enterprises have been launched under the budgetary deficit conditions. This refers to Cheburashka Multiple Launch Rocket System carrying 64 217-mm rockets with a bombardment range of up to 9,600 meters produced in the DPR.




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