Robbers torture Voronezh deputy

Robbers torture Voronezh deputy
Alexander Rybenko

Robbers tried to find out from Alexander Rybenko where cash is kept.

The robbers penetrated the house belonged to deputy of the Voronezh Regional Duma Alexander Rybenko on the morning on Friday, October 12 in the village of Shchuchye. The spouse and son of the deputy were in the house.

Unidentified masked men tortured Rybenko with iron and beat him with baseball bats. The attackers tried to find out where cash and valuables are kept. According to local media, robbers kidnapped "a lot of money," the exact amount of which is not specified. Presumably, we can talk about a million rubles.

The press service of the Interior Ministry in the Voronezh region confirmed the fact of the attack without specifying the details and names of the victims. The police reported that they were establishing suspects, as well as making a list of the abducted persons.

Alexander Rybenko is not only a deputy of the regional Duma, but he has also been working as an executive director of the EkoNivaAgro company for over ten years. For 2017, he reported about 31 million 372 thousand rubles of income. He also owns three land plots with a total area of about 5.5 thousand square meters and three houses.



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