Voronezh: 4 police officers detained for murder. Administration suspended from work

Voronezh: 4 police officers detained for murder. Administration suspended from work
Viktor Shilov Photo: Social networks

The Investigative Committee believe that siloviki (influential figures in law enforcement and security agencies in Russia) could have killed a local with a prior record.

Four special officers of the Police Division №5 (Sovetsky district) are detained on suspicion of murder of a 37-year-old local Viktor Shilov in Voronezh. This is reported by Vesti Voronezh newsportal noting that the division’s administration is suspended from work for the length of the investigation. 

Initially, the security forces who were detained were accused of  excess of authority (item 3 a, b, c of article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - exceeding official powers with the use of violence or with the threat of its use, with the use of arms or special means and with the infliction of grave consequences). Then, the case was joined with another one - under article Murder (item 1 of article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). 

The male went missing in May, 2018. It is known that he lived in Ramonsky district in Voronezh Oblast. He had been condemned several times. The man’s body has not been discovered yet. However, the investigators have reasonable grounds to presume that he is not alive for several months and police officers have something to do with it. The detainees do not cooperate with investigations. 

The Investigative Committee does not comment upon the situation saying only that the question of pre-trial detention orders in relation to detainees is being considered. 

MIA in Voronezh Oblast confirmed an official inquiry saying that in this regard a head of the Police Division №5 Murat Khatuaev is suspended from work. Now, Sergey Buchnev is an Acting Chief of the division in Sovetsky district. He was transfered from the position of the head of the Police for Operations in the city of Voronezh. 



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