Voronenkov’s murder: new versions put forward

Voronenkov’s murder: new versions put forward
Denis Voronenkov’s body

Since the killer died in hospital of a gunshot wound, there is no precise information on the motives of the assassination.

Fugitive deputy Denis Voronenkov could have been killed on the grounds of ethnic hatred. Rossiya 1 TV channel found out that Pavel Parshov that shot the ex-deputy, was the son of the former personal bodyguard of Kolomoisky, a Ukrainian politician and businessman. As Aleksandr Parshov said, he had not talk to his son for about six years, but he was aware that Pavel had nationalist views. Allegedly, he had a swastika tattoo on his shoulder. This is how Parshov Sr. explains the murder of the Russian politician.

Lawyers representing the victims in Voronenkov’s criminal case in Russia put another version forward. The former deputy allegedly owed a hefty sum of money. He never repaid his debts, nor did he share the money he had got in a seizure of a Moscow building with his accomplices.

Former deputy Ilya Ponomarev that Voronenkov was supposed to meet in central Kiev, suggested that the persons involved in Three Whales case might have been involved in the murder as well. Allegedly, Voronenkov, who had been with the Federal Drug Control Service, had taken part in the investigation of furniture smuggling in the early 2000s.

We should remind that Ukraine officially blames the Russian special services in the homicide. In turn, Moscow claims that the Ukrainian security forces are involved.

Denis Voronenkov was shot dead in Kiev near Premier Palace Hotel on March 23. His bodyguard was injured, but he managed to shoot at the killer, who later died in the hospital. Voronenkov was buried at Kiev’s Zverinetsky cemetery on Saturday, March 25.



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