Vologda deputy’s grandson hits teacher and robs classmates 

Vologda deputy’s grandson hits teacher and robs classmates
Nadezhda Mochalova and the School No. 3 in Vologda

The school is headed by a fellow party member of the juvenile hooligan’s grandfather.

A student of the cadet second grade of the School No. 3 in Vologda raised his hand to a teacher and cursed her, and before that repeatedly insulted his classmates and stole things from their backpacks, the regional publication Newsvo reports. According to the children’s parents, the juvenile hooligan is the grandson of the deputy of the regional legislative assembly, and the principal of the school is the City Duma deputy from the same party.

“There was a time when the boy would come to school with a knife. He is engaged in some kind of sport, either sambo or boxing, and hit very technically. To be honest, we are very afraid for our children’s health. Once we openly asked the principal if she could guarantee their safety. She replied in the negative,” one of the pupils’ father said.

According to him, the juvenile bully once called him from his son’s phone and to the question where he got this mobile from, got cursed. At the parents’ initiative, two video cameras were installed in the classroom, which eventually recorded the conflict with the teacher.

Earlier, the boy's grandfather came to school and demanded to dismiss the teacher. The parents complained about the bully to the principal, but to no avail. The school’s headmaster Nadezhda Mochalova is United Russia deputy in the City Duma.



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