Volkhov: accomplice of Chikan-Izyum detained for beating traffic police officer 

Volkhov: accomplice of Chikan-Izyum detained for beating traffic police officer
Sergey Vanyushin Photo: Social networks

He tried to escape.

The police have detained 43-year-old Sergey Vanyushin, who is suspected of beating a State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate officer, Nikolay Malinin, in Volkhov. He tried to leave for St. Petersburg; his friend drove him there. This is reported by the Investigative Committee in the Leningrad region. 

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, the incident took place in the Marsel cafe last weekend. The second suspect is Magarlamov Shakhin Khurshud Oglu, a native of Georgia, who calls himself Chikan, better known as Izyum. 

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According to the investigation, Magarlamov and Vanyushin opened fire when Marsel’s security refused to let them in. At the time, Malinin was in the cafe with his wife. They were celebrating the Day of the Chemist. He intervened and tried to calm down the brawlers.

Later, the police officer was found unconscious with stab and gunshot wounds near the entrance to the cafe. The investigation believes that Izyum shot the traffic police officer with a shotgun, and Vanyushin stabbed him. 

The detainee has been taken to the Investigative Committee department in the Volkhov district, the Leningrad region. Magarlamov Shakhin is still wanted. 

According to the latest data, the injured policeman has undergone a surgery; his condition is serious.

Video: Attack on traffic policeman in Marsel club, Volkhov



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