Volgograd region: village Head goes on trial for fraud

Volgograd region: village Head goes on trial for fraud

The official was trying to illegally obtain one million rubles ($17000) from a local businessman.

The Head of Ust-Gryaznuhinsky village located in the Volgograd region’s Kamyshin area will stand trial on charges of attempted fraud worth one million rubles ($17000), reported the local Investigative Committee.

According to investigators, the official had found that a local company was making sand on agricultural lands in violation of the law, in May 2016. The sand was meant to be used in renovation of the federal highway. The village head offered the company a deal: the authorities would turn a blind eye on the businessman’s arbitrariness if he paid a million rubles.

However, the businessman refused to pay. Then the official arranged inspections. Eventually, Rosprirodnadzor estimated the damage caused to the environment to be 7.5 million rubles. The village head once again proposed a settlement to the industrialist, demanding the same amount. The company CEO agreed, but then turned to the law enforcement agencies. In November 2016, the official was detained by police officers and the local FSB while receiving the money.

"At the stage of preliminary investigation, the official fully admitted his guilt by writing a confession”, stated the Volgograd region’s Investigative Department. “The criminal case has been passed to court for consideration on the merits."



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