Volgograd: Protégé of local ‘overseer’ killed in 2011 beats influential entrepreneur in restaurant 

Volgograd: Protégé of local ‘overseer’ killed in 2011 beats influential entrepreneur in restaurant
Vladimir Potashkin

A Volgograd restaurant CCTV camera captured a conflict between Vladimir Potashkin and Sergey Rodionov, entrepreneurs known in the criminal community, on June 8, 2017.

Newdaynews.ru got hold of the footage. It clearly shows Potashkin entering the restaurant and immediately approaching Rodionov’s table. Rodionov was there with a friend. Potashkin gritted Rodionov and began energetically explaining something to him. After that Potashkin, his nephew, and security guard Dmitry Ismailov left to another room. Rodionov approached Potashkin 5 minutes later and invited him to a nearby table.

Their conversation immediately escalated to a fight involving both the two men and their companions. 45-year-old Potashkin had won the European kickboxing championship, among other sport contests. He hit Rodionov several times. His nephew also got involved. Rodionov was taken to hospital with multiple bruises and a broken jaw, according to newdaynews.ru.

May we remind you that former Head of the local Department of the Russian Box Federation Vladimir Potashkin was featured in articles covering criminal incidents on multiple occasions. Potashkin was known as the protégé of Volgograd's 'shadow governor' Vladimir Kadin who was shot dead in 2011.

Potashkin was severely wounded as a result of an attempted assassination on March 1, 2016. He was attacked when leaving a boxing gym. One of the bullets hit him in the neck. Unknown people had also burnt his armored SUV he intermitted from Kadin. It happened several months before the attack.

Potashkin is one of the key criminals in the Volgograd Region, according to the media. He supports Kadin’s 'policies.'

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