Volgograd official’s wife faces trial for drunk driving and attacking policemen 

Volgograd official’s wife faces trial for drunk driving and attacking policemen
Ekaterina Murileva

In Volgograd, trial of the wife of one the City regional parliament MPs has begun. Last summer, the woman was drunk while driving and attacked police officers.

The Voroshilovsky District Court of Volgograd began trial of Ekaterina Murileva on January 20. The woman attacked police officers while intoxicated in end-July, 2015, according to regional media outlets. During the session, one of the attacked traffic officers said that she was drunk, insulted him and his colleagues, and kicked and pushed them when arrested.

The defendant’s sister was convicted last December, according to the Vysota 102 News Agency. She was also prosecuted in the framework of the case. Unlike her sister, Daria Korshuva pleaded guilty and apologized to the police officers; the Court only sentenced her to a 100,000-ruble fine.

The incident occurred in late July, 2016, according to police. The two sisters and young public servant’s nephew went to a café in the City center; the women drank about 4 liters of wine there. They then got into a BMW-320 that was parked nearby. The perpetrators drove towards the Voroshilovsky District violating traffic laws. They stopped half way to go to a shop. There, Muravleva hit a car when leaving a parking. Once at the accident site, police suggested the woman underwent medical inspection to find out whether she was drunk or not. The woman then “reacted violently” and began punching and insulting them.

Video: Wife of Volgograd Regional Duma deputy beats policemen



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